Who are The Fishery Commission?

Formed one day after an accidental collision between indie rock and electronica, Newcastle's very own Fishery Commission, blend intricate 8-bit melodies with swooshy alternative vocals.

Despite Spoonbender and Browntown's vastly differing musical backgrounds, they combine to form a distinctive sound falling well outside the current niche of retro hardware music.

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Ghost Trace Stellar

Missed our set at Ghost Trace Stellar? Well we had great night and really enjoyed performing amongst some of the regions finest. We'd like to thank everyone involved for organising the event and Kate Sweeny for filming the video below.

There's more info and some photos of the event at the open music archive.

Fear not the fax:

So it costs a million pounds to make a video right? Well we believe in recycling so here is our video for "Fear not the fax" made entirely with free footage from the fantastic prelinger archives. Enjoy.


We have some new kit, some new haircuts and some new songs.

See you live soon!

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